Saturday, February 25, 2017


FRIEZE PSALM (see Dickinson J283/Fr254)

When Opposites twist out
And Innocence turns in –
Then clothed in prayer and dressed in light
The “Lets of Snow” begin –

Tell secrets to the ground –
And whisper “peace” with skills
That sound with increase Glistening –
Thus listening Distills.

(24 February 2017, Springville, Utah)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017



"The power of language in
The scriptures; charity;
Empathy; the dialogue
Of inner clarity."

As he spoke, our minds glistened;
Our hearts became angels;
Rooms filled with wise harmless fire,
Fueled by purest desire.

(June 1991, Provo, Utah)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


With a nod of the head,
Chose trees, cut them down, and created,
The Man of Many Strengths,
The visible arch of the lofty sky
The firm field of the world’s wilderness.

And the firm field
Breathed but was
A desolate desert,
And an empty ruin;
And miserable dimness
The facets
Of the surging abyss.
And the Breathing Wind
Of the Strong One
The visage
Of the springing waters.

(12 October 2016, Provo, Utah)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2013 Psalms & Songs


The year begins with dreams and poems –
The day begins with peace –
And life resumes its streams and hopes –
The blessings never cease.

(1 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


The Light – our best Awakening –
Mechanics second best –
When Dawn rejoices noisily –
Impossible to rest.

The Golden Draught is Quickening –
A Tonic for the West –
The Medicine of Orient –
And thus the Day is Blest.

It nudges – prods – unceasingly –
It steals the covers’ charm –
Removing shadows from the Eyes
With particles that swarm.

Its ringing, buzzing, sounding Glow
Can quietly disarm
All Vestiges of Drowsiness
In Morning’s firm alarm.

(1 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


What is the Purpose of my life?
What do I have to Give?
Specific Contribution Plan?
What Dream have I to live?

May I speak for the Unborn Babes?
The Least among us all?
Defend the “Right to Light” for them?
The Vuln’rable and Small?

(3 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


We are learning how to listen –
We’re practicing to hear
The promptings that the Holy Ghost
Will whisper in our ear.

We are yearning for the promise –
Invited to partake
The blessing of Companionship
Provided for our sake.

(5 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


The sharp dis-pairing of Divorce
Strikes blessings from the Young –
Dissecting their inheritance –
And snaps their Lives unstrung.

They linger in bleak Solitude –
They scatter from the Hold –
The Union that conceived their Joy
Lies broken, bare, and Cold.

(6 January 2013, Provo, Utah)


Be Calm: pacific as a Breeze –
Connected: like a Seam –
Be Curious: explore the Truth –
Compassionate: Esteem –

Courageous: like a Pioneer –
Be driven: like the Sun –
Be Empathetic: see the Good –
Integrity: be One.

Give Counsel – give Support – Sustain –
Translate from “Me” to “We” –
Give Comfort – be Considerate –
See Possibility –

Administer – but Minister –
Ask Father who to Help –
Find those at Risk and see their Need –
Put others before Self.

(10 January 2013, Provo, Utah)


We have an inner dialogue –
A Messenger within
With whom we seldom correspond –
But now we can begin.

We have a hidden internet
With fiber-optic lines
Of dialectic insight to
Consider and combine.

(13 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


My Heart is glowing in the Dark –
Illuminating gloom –
My Lamp is shining in the Dusk –
A Lantern in the Room.

The Stars are beaming into Space –
Combusting into Gleam
Like Candles radiating Glow
In Circulating Stream.

The Worlds are turning into Tropes
And Solar System Schemes –
The Universes into Tales –
The Galaxies, to Dreams.

The Entropy is speeding Up
While Gravity bears Down –
The Incandescent Village is
Our Luminescent Town.

(13 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


These songs are coming out of me
As fast as I can print –
And even when I write them down,
It doesn’t make a dint!

It’s like a stream of cooling wind –
An ever-flowing creek –
The only thing I have to do
Is let the fountain speak.

It’s such a source of holiness –
A quiet silver spring –
It sparkles as it percolates
And makes me want to sing.

It doesn’t matter where I am
Or what I want to say –
The language is a reservoir
Of water for the Way.

(13 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


To be a Fool is better than
To be an Arrogant –
An Ignorant can try to learn –
A Puffed Persona can’t.

To build on Rock is better than
To set a house on Sand –
An architect of Righteousness
Constructs on solid Land.

(15 January 2013, Springville, Utah)


How do the Birds perceive their Food?
Who helps them find the seed
That scatters on the dull cement
When Winter augments need?

The tiny beads – sunflower shells –
How can they see such Feed?
Does vision magnify its range?
Does instinct intercede?

(Springville, Utah, 18 January 2013)


What part of me is Eden’s gift?
Which cell traits came from Eve?
What side of me is Adam’s rib?
Which genes did I receive?

My nose is hers? My toes are his?
My feet are sturdy friends –
My sense of smell encased in shell
Might be of fine descent.

I have a hand to measure things
That no one else can write –
My ear can hear the whispered wings
Of angels in their flight.

I like to name the entities –
Is that my Father’s line?
I love to walk in paradise –
Is that my Mother’s sign?

(23 January 2013, Provo Temple, Utah)


Light is a Liquid, a Solid, a Gas –
Math’s “Missing Matter” abides in its Mass –
Passing through Time, Ten Dimensions, and Space –
Shining through Water and Terra: Thy Face.
Life is Digestion, Oration, and Breath –
Deity’s Doctrine transmuting its Death
Deftly – the Blind, the Afflicted, the Deaf
Sorting the Darkness to Day – Grain from Chaff.
Love is a Stillness, a Presence: Thy Voice –
Eve’s Pure Persuasion revealing a Choice
Pervasive as Whisper – Sound without Noise –
Standing with Companies Poised to Rejoice.
Human Divinity is Antidote –
Beauty of Holiness true Anecdote.

(Provo, Utah, 23 January and 1 March 2013)


The eyes of all my Ancestors
Are in my DNA –
They whisper their Remembrances
As I go on my Way.

They ambush me in Homecomings
When visiting their lands –
The Capture me in Memories:
Nostalgia’s gentle bands.

The clues of Angel Messengers
Are guiding me each Day –
Their records are my Recompense –
The answers when I pray.

(26 January 2013, Provo, Utah)


The power of the Holy Ghost
Occurs as an event –
“It came to pass” a passive voice
For works made Evident.
Our true potential is not seen
By Others or by us –
Intelligence is manifest
But not so Obvious.

“Outdated” – “Immature” – or “Young” –
“Irrelevant” – or “Old” –
Such criticisms indicate
That Some cannot behold
The real significance of Souls:
The diamond in the lump –
The genius in the manic mind –
The kindness in the grump.

(17 February 2013, Springville, Utah)


This Life’s too short for all our Love –
We have to die for more –
The networks of Relatedness
Peek through the Mortal Door.

Our Love’s too great for one Estate –
A Broken Heart can’t hold
The records of Acknowledgment
That Generations told.

The Volumes of our Ancestry
Yield everlasting Ties –
Translation is the Microfilm
On Revelation’s Eyes.

Invited to perceive in Part
The whole infinity –
Our Mothers – Fathers – wait in lines
To gather at the Tree.

(10 March 2013, Provo, Utah)


Wilt Thou redeem my soul from sin
When Spring is try’n to shine?
Relieve me from the winter weight –
The snows of my decline?

(12 March, 2013, Springville, Utah)


I thank Thee for the Fish
Who sacrificed its Gill –
Its swimming in the Aqua Dish
Of River, Pond, and Rill.

Am grateful for the Plants
Who oxidate the Air –
The circuit of the Nightly Breath
Delivered Everywhere.

(14 March 2013, Provo, Utah)


This kind of Love specific is –
Most private space we know –
Not common – nor publicity –
Not twisted into show.

(15 March 2013, Provo, Utah)


I like these Metered Rimes –
They fit me like a Glove –
They give me space and form to think –
To finger-paint the Love.

Rime is Form – Form is Time –
Time is Line – Line is Bond –
Perambulated binding Words
Here – After – and Beyond.

(21 March 2013, Springville, Utah)


The world is a harp
The earth was the Cross
The cords are the strings
The stakes are the Posts.

(22 March 2013)


The mists are thick – the darts are sharp –
The Path has barbs – the Way seems warped –
But I know that the Tree is near –
So I press on into the Clear.

(23 March 2013, Springville, Utah)


We take our little bit of Grief –
We sip a tiny drop –
But He who is the Living Fount
Drank all the bitter Cup.

Atonement means replacing pain –
His Agony for ours –
From weakness to Eternal Worth –
Our beauty from His Scars.

We face a smaller Agony –
A temporary death –
The expiration of His life
Contained in tandem breath.

Our suffering is minimal –
Our groan a minute piece –
Compared to magnitudes of ache
From which He deals release.

(31 March 2013, Springville, Utah)


All Beauty testifies of Christ –
The clearest sweetest mote
Is echo of His Signature –
The Epic that He wrote.

I have to annotate His work
And cite His Master piece –
I have to document the source
Of His dear Elegies.

(8 April 2013, Provo, Utah)


The Atmosphere’s a Satellite
With telegraphic Lens –
It magnifies the Mountain tops –
Or minimizes them.

(30 April 2013, Provo, Utah)

DAG’S PSALM (to Dag Hammarskjöld, 1905-1961)

My Life has been a Pilgrimage –
A Journey – on the Way –
Confirmed for me by man-of-peace –
Whose given name means “Day.”

From Wilderness to Mountain Grove
Through cool and torrid Zones
To Villages and Fortresses
To Circles set in Stones –

The Path leads to a Promised Land
That I can’t always see –
But I move forward Step by Step
Because the Road “chose me.”

The Star Lines keep my gaze on track –
Defining Whom I Seek –
The Will to Walk affirms the Course
That guides both Strong and Weak.

(2 June 2013, Springville, Utah)

  COLLABORATION PSALM (with Annie Williams)

Every morning has a rainbow –
And Sunrise is its name –
Every moment has a riddle –
So – poetry’s the game.

(11 June 2013 Provo, Utah)


The World of Faith still Turns in Light
In spite of Evil’s grasp –
The Muses are Elijah’s Sprite –
The Breath in which we Bask.

The Brooding Swallow shifts its Wing –
The Scroll begins to tear –
The Weather Cycle rolls in storms –
Reacts to solar flare.

The moody Terra lifts its weight –
The Core resumes its stir –
The Nether Nations congregate –
No hand can interfere –

For Someone I have never met –
But I have ever known –
The Watcher of the Fatherless –
Invites me to His throne.

(16 June 2013, Provo, Utah)


The Miracles and Messages
Are flowing underground –
The well-springs of Beneficence
Seem nowhere to be found.

(22 June 2013, Springville, Utah)

(for Elray Christiansen, Tucson Stake President, 1975)

If Jesus is “the Thirsty One” –
This Water is for Him –
I run to bring a spilling Cup –
Near empty from the brim.

The Clarity and Purity –
Susceptible to Form –
Slops as I race to succor Christ –
Remainder – now lukewarm.

He takes the Mug and sips the Drops
Made meager – I’m in Tears –
“Best drink I’ve ever tasted!” vows
And smiles away my Fears.

The Beauty that I hungered for
And sought to Qualify:
To take His Name upon my Soul
And guard that new Supply.

(23 June 2013, Springville, Utah)


Assembly-line assessment fraud –
Police-State politics –
Re-educating Consciences
With outcomes and Big Sticks.

(25 June 2013, Provo, Utah)


He gives us Water – clean and fresh –
Instead of Vinegar –
Provides a piece of Living Bread
In place of Bitter Herb.

He lends us Feasts – instead of Fasts –
Redeems us from our Debts –
He Crosses over ev’ry Sea
He Passes Over death.

(28 July 2013, Springville, Utah)


Clearly different – completely kind –
Wholly independent – clean mind –
Fully diligent – boldly mild –
Meekly confident – God’s Old Child.

(29 July 2013, Springville, Utah)


To be a Foolish Maiden
Whose Lamp is running Dim –
Whose Oil is insufficient –
Who cannot Honor Him –

Is worse than Native Blindness
Because it came by Choice.
Lord, help the Fading Lanterns
Who wanted to Rejoice.

(2 August 2013, Springville, Utah)


The Spirit hopes to visit us –
But we are often out –
Pre-occupied with busyness –
And even if He shout
We would not hear His messages
Beneath our Daily Din –
Please! set aside the Pots and Pains –
Invite the Stranger in.

He wants to show us how to pray
Instead of murmuring –
And He can teach us what to say
To aid the Suffering –
So! welcome Him within your Walls –
Then take the time to hear
Most Delicate of Dialogues
He feeds your hungry Ear.

(3 August 2013, Springville, Utah)


I am my Father’s daughter –
He loves me – and I – Him –
He is a daughter’s Father –
I love Him – and He – Me

(9 August 2013, Springville, Utah)


Lord, am I
Out of line?
Out of tune?
Out of touch?
Please, help me
Get in line!
Stay in tune!
Be in touch!

Am I weak?
Am I cold?
Am I sad?
Make me strong!
Give me warmth!
Teach me glad!

(8 September 2013, Sunday, Springville West Stake Conference, Utah)


Can my tears for a Sister’s loss
Make weighty burdens less?
Her load infracts emotion’s dam
But not my own distress.

A proxy for my Brother’s Sleep –
Her Husband’s Long Goodnight –
We bear the basket to the vault
Of Presence out of sight.

(8 September 2013, Sunday, Springville, Utah)

KENNEDY DIRGE (for MAK and the Kahne family)

“The whole world was weeping”
And then my sister died –
Your father showed up just in time
To comfort when we cried.

If Bards and Muses wrote
In free pentameters
The sorrow of that tragic year
Would overrun their verse.

Tulare – Marinette –
Dallas – and Washington
Are toponyms of dreadful loss –
Woe’s assassination.

(14 October 2013, Springville, Utah)


Necklaces – neckties –
Hairbows – bowties –
Autumn is singing –
Summer clinging.
Temples climb higher
Than temperatures.
As the shackles break
Truth liberates –
When Age starts to shake
Youth hibernates.

(27 October 2013, Sunday, Springville, Utah)

STAFF PSALM (For Van Gessel)

A Leader would not seek the Pow’r
For which some folks would Kill –
You led us – never using Force
To implement your Will.

You had a Comprehensive style –
You cast a further Net –
You fed His Sheep – because you know
That Truth is not a Threat.

The Lord is not a Dictator –
He leaves us room to Fall
And rise again by Agency –
To Wing –  not merely Crawl.

Then pity the man Drunk on Gain
As he who swills old wine –

(3 November 2013, Provo, Utah)


Two-thirds of Genius is Patience –
Three-quarters is Hard Work –
A different drum is not enough
To compensate for Shirk.

The Drudgery yields brilliant gems
That compensate the Grind –
The facets of atomic sense
That captivate the Mind.

(3 November 2013, Provo, Utah)


The Morning after loss
Has such a gentle mask –
With silver subtle simple floss
That cushions every task.

The Mountain seems to call –
We answer wide awake –
The yoke of grief seems easier
For the Beloved’s sake.

The Meaning of this life –
Not certified by span –
Is testable in consequence
And light’s congealing plan.

(14 November 2013, Springville, Utah)


T’was Life that made the Universe
And not that World made Life –
The ultimate Reality
A Kiss of Love and Light.

The Word and Wisdom unified –
Made bonds of trailing strings –
Set glory into every cell –
Engendered living Things.

Affinity made Matter’s Course
And not the other Way –
The Light came first and then the Land –
A Quantum time of Day.

The Firmament – the Water – Sand –
The Elements of space –
The Entities made plural Worlds
That doubt cannot displace.

(14 November 2013, Provo, Utah)


He should have lived a thousand years –
He needed no Applause –
Transcended Recognition’s curse –
Why – then – this Fatal Pause?

He could have cheered a thousand friends –
Eluding useless Fame –
Connecting Merit’s hungry goal
By carrying Christ’s Name.

(14 November 2013, Springville, Utah)


Heavenly Father loves us all –
Poetry can be prophecy –
Brotherly kindness is profound –
The Lord redeems the desolate –
Death is a heavy illusion –
Intelligence is appealing –
The Love of my Life will appear –
Revelation by dreams is real –
Childhood longings hold future keys –
The Holy Land has destiny –
In spite of weakness God trusts me –
A painting can show us His face.

(15 November 2013, Springville, Utah)  


Every moment – every breath –
Has potential for Light.
How do we know that someone is blind?
Only the sightless know their dark.

Their line goes out through all the Earth –
Their words go to earth’s ends –
A Tabernacle for the Sun
Is set by speech He sends.

(30 November 2013, Springville, Utah)


Atonement is an upward climb –
His strait and narrow path is steep –
And yet our following’s sublime –
He helps us run – jump – dance – and leap.

(1 December 2013, Springville, Utah)  


Some water is worse than thirst –
Lugubrious fluid –
Cantankerous refreshment –
Odd – maudlin – metallic.

(10 December 2013, Provo, Utah)  

FIANCÉ PSALM (for Nicholas)

The Knight in Priesthood Armor stands
Beside the Grieving Maid –
Her father’s sudden Death creates
A place for Virtue’s Aid.

(10 December 2013, Provo, Utah)  


The whole House is a Harp again –
The Windows taut with Strings –
The Resonance stirs walls and floors
So Melodies have Wings.

The little songs are lullabies
To help the Angels rest –
Vibrations carry healing to
Harmonic humming Nest.

The hopeful chords roll out the Notes –
Glissandos grace the tune –
Arpeggios climb up the Scales
In staircases of rune.

The Blessing Spirit condescends
In solemn gentle steps –
The Anthem gathers fam’ly love
In perfect heights and depths.

(29 December 2013, Springville, Utah)



Discomfort is a Surgeon’s edge –
A restorátive Blade –
Disruption of disfigured line –
The cure for which we’ve prayed.

Retrenchment is a gentle Plan –
A renovative Pain –
The dis-construction of a Lie –
So Truth can twine again.

(Sunday, 19 October 2014, Springville, Utah)

Thursday, September 4, 2014



He lived to be Eternity.
He lives to intersperse
The cosmos with infinity
In patterns so diverse
Observers cannot see His works –
Nor can they comprehend
The Maker of the Masterpiece –
Until they see His hand.

(3 January 2014, Springville, Utah)

Photo: Duck Pond at Krapperups Castle Garden, Hoganas, Sweden

Sunday, August 31, 2014



Their Symbol was Circumference –
The Kiva was their Mark –
The Circle Stones their Judgment Hall –
A panoramic Park.

(4 January 2014, Springville, Utah)

Photo: Hoga Kullen, Hoga Kusta, Sweden, May 2013



Humanities – Divinities?
Dost Thou have days like us?
Unshakable – Fragility?
The World spins from its Top.

How steady – how Precarious –
The testing Antidote –
Unwavering – how Perilous –
The spinning Anecdote.

(4 January 2014, Springville, Utah)

Photo: Crested Butte, Colorado, 2009



Self-pity can be fatal –
We musn’t hang our heads –
Keep looking up to mountains
Where living water threads.

(31 August 2014, Springville, Utah)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poems for Brother Todd Christensen and Family

            “COME FORTH” (John 11:43)

Children spring up over hurdles –
But grown ones stay low and intense –
Humbled by gravity’s circuit –
They bow as they face the ascents.

Lazarus bends before rising –
He flexes the tendons and heels –
Loosens the wrappings and bindings –
He stretches each muscle – he kneels – 

He steps up – goes through the passage –
He meets expiration with breath –
Dashing to life – old bars passing –
Heart racing – he runs out of death.

(1 May 2009, Provo, Utah)


He’s not afraid of obstacles –
The hurdler greets the bars –
He calculates the energy
That vaults him over spars.

He’s not ashamed to show his strength –
He only has to run –
In seconds he can meet the lengths
Of barriers we shun.

Time is the test – mediocre
Or Excellent? We choose.
Just to breathe, exquisite pleasure –
Appreciate – or lose?

(6 May 2009, Provo, Utah)


It’s good to know such men exist –
That valiant ones are real –
Integrity makes character
From victories of steel.

Their keenness of intelligence –
The covenant they vow –
The confidence of rectitude
Sits solemn on their brow.

Their wisdom is unflinching power –
Their labors rescue souls –
Presiding with the gaze of seers –
Defining self-control.

That such exist is boon enough –
These kings in embryo –
Epitomes of diligence
With hearts as brisk as snow.

(18 June 2009, Pleasant Grove, Utah)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Psalms

            JANUS PSALM

And – Innocence – Experience –
Are Complements of Life –
Perfection is a Composite
Of Harmony and Strife.

Caprices – Whims of Time and Change
Are meaningful as Scrims –
Dark Curtains for the bright Exchange
Of Light and subtle Dims.

(1 January 2012, Pleasant Grove, Utah)

            WEIGHT PSALM

The gift of Exposition is
A Talent to Expound –
A willing Proposition is
A Dower to Propound.

A solid Composition has
A Power to Expose
A simple Intuition that
Our pride cannot Compose.

(15 January 2012, Pleasant Grove, Utah)

            PAVAN PSALM

I do not hear the Muse’s nudge
In meters every day –
I do not see the Birds suspend
In synchronized display.

I do not fear the Absence of
The Parallels of Sense –
The Spirit is Incomp’rable –
Providing Recompense.

(Winter 2012, Pleasant Grove, Utah)


Keep the darkness away
With the shield of faith.

(22 January 2012, Pleasant Grove, Utah)


The Birds know that I’m moving –
The Deer sense that I’ll go –
Their understanding certain:
Migration is their mode.

They’ll miss my morning greeting –
And midnight sentinel –
I’ll miss their shy entreating –
And sentry seasonal.

The Deer know that I’m going –
The Birds sense that I’ll leave –
The House begins its mourning –
The Garden starts to grieve.

(16 February 2012, Pleasant Grove, Utah)

            CALENDAR PSALM

The days are not defined by us –
But rather Nature’s whirl –
They leap across our boundaries –
They spill into our world –

They overflow the finitude –
They interrupt the sense –
Their surplus makes us add more time
At Gravity’s behest.

(29 February 2012, Springville, Utah)

            SAD PSALM

My heart aches for Syria –
Damascus is rain –
The “Spring” that was boasted
Has ended in pain.
The balance that Egypt had –
Threatened by ruin –
The promise of Liberty
Banished too soon.

(3 March 2012, Paris to Helsinki)

            SIBELIUS PSALM

A longing to move across water –
I’ve come to the Home of the Elf –
A yearning for order, not clutter –
I’ve found the domain of the Self.

I’ve followed the foot-prints of Rein-deer –
I’ve noted the fin-tips of Fish –
I’ve swallowed an Ocean of Beauty –
I’ve sipped from the Blue Delphic Dish.

(3 March 2012, Paris to Helsinki)

            PLANET  PSALM

The marvelous work of the Lord
Proceeds unto one as with all.
The miracles He has in store
Go forward to Great and to Small.

The promises He hath set forth
Pertain unto you and to me.
His Word issues forth from the Earth
To us, and the Isles of the Sea.

(8 March 2012, Helsinki, Finland)

            SNORE SONG

I’m desiccating into dance –
My hair like spider silk –
A pirouette to Home from France
Like dandelion milk.

I shoo away the pesky snore
That startles me awake –
The other passengers ignore
The gentle buzz I make.

(12 March 2012, flight from Paris to Salt Lake)

            LITE LYRIC

While you were away, my Bonny –
            While you were away –
I learned the legend, lore, and script
            Of things that I could say.

(13 March 2012, Springville, Utah)

            MALLARD PSALM

Mysterious March morning storm –
Not lonesome – desiccate, but warm.
A male duck lying in the leaves –
Not living – emerald, one grieves.
A branch serves as a sextant stave –
Piled stones on leaves appoint a grave –
Prompt hyacinths on higher hill
Could contemplate the silenced bill –

Nearby his counterpart – awake –
Who waits – not wallows – for his sake –
In curly willow’s winding shade –
Sits fallow on the spilling grade.
To shudder at the wounded wings –
To stutter from unuttered strings
Of empathy is requisite.
To murmur – spring is dedicate.

(26 March 2012, BYU Botany Pond, Provo, Utah)

            ABBA PSALM

Father dances with His Daughters –
He wrestles with His Sons –
He fences with the Brother Saints –
With Sisterhood, He runs.

Enchanting all His Women –
He humors all His Men –
His wittiness for Masculine –
His charm for Feminine.

A Dowry for His little girls –
And Power for His boys –
A Mantle for His Kings and Priests –
For Queens, His keenest joys.

(19 April 2012, Provo, Utah)

            CALM PSALM (Isaiah 51-54)

How could He bear the Smiter’s flail?
How could He take the shame?
How could He hear the Mocker’s rail?
How could He stand the blame –

Endure Chastisement’s flinted whip –
Accept the stinging barb –
Remain as silent as a Lamb –
Unflinch His broken heart?

How could He turn His thoughts to us
On Torture’s brutal rack?
Can I return my thoughts to Him
When Censure strikes my back?

Can I remember His disgrace
When my repute is torn?
Can I forget a loss of face
When bludgeoned by Man’s scorn?

Can I forgive as He forgave –
Receiving punishment –
And lose myself when lashes bruise –
When words misrepresent?

My weaknesses may merit pain
And ostracizing doom –
But I can help Him bind up wounds
Because He whispers, “Boon.”

(20 April 2012, Provo, Utah)


Some rulers push us to our Knees –
While Leaders gently draw –
Some use dominion to control
The subjects of their law.

Some use Persuasion’s Gentle Steps
To guide us unto God –
How Beautiful upon the Hills
A Shepherd’s Feet so shod.

(21 April 2012, Springville, Utah)

            CIRCULAR PSALM (D&C 42:61)

When we but ask in simple prayer
The Revelation springs
From point to point and line to line –
And Knowledge also sings

That we may know the Mysteries –
The Peace-enabled things
That bring forth Joy and wheeling Life
On Everlasting wings.

(26 April 2012, Springville, Utah)

            FLOOD PSALM

When we pray for revelation –
            Put out the Pots and Pans –
Roll out the Water Barrell –
            The Reservoir expands!

(29 April 2012, Springville, Utah)

            SINGULAR PSALM

Thy Love – my only Dowry Gift –
Thy Hand – my only Trow –
Thy House – my only Covenant –
Thy Word – my only Vow.

Thy Heart – my only Resting Place –
Thy Will – my only Ward –
Thy Face – my only Surety –
Thy Arm – my only Guard.

Thy Light – my only Radiance –
My only Grace – Thy Name –
Thy Sake – my only Benefit – 
My one Renown – Thy Fame.

(2 May 2012, Provo, Utah)


The word for House means Family –
The word for Build means Child –
My new Home is a Gallery
Of Timbers Reconciled.

The upper Floor has Attic rooms –
The lower Level – Space –
The Fireplace hosts “Calcifer” –
Who smiles a gas-log Face.

The Sliding door shows Southern warmth –
The Front Port meets the West –
Enchanting books line built-in Shelves –
Here – Sophie’s Bones can Rest.

(7 May 2012, Springville, Utah)

            JAMES’ PSALM

“Light travels faster in Water –
We use five percent of our Brain –
The Missing Matter found My Mind–
Our Lives more than Zero-Sum Gain.”

(16 May 2012, Phoenix, Arizona)
            MANTRA PSALM

Music is the portal to
The mansions of the mind.
Chariot of influence
Can constantly remind.

(7 June 2012, Springville, Utah)

            ALL WE LIKE SHEEP

None of us know love,
But we love the learning –
None of us are clean,
But we cleanse by yearning.

(9 June 2012, Springville, Utah)

            WHIT PSALM

Pure water is adhesive –
With transitory glide
It washes off pollutions –
Then into dust it glides.

The Godlings work by Power
And not just Gentleness –
They offer strong solutions
To laver wickedness.

(20 June 2012, Springville, Utah)

            INSCAPE PSALM

The Mountains are inside
That we are called to scale –
The Challenges reside
Within the neural veil.

Exhileration rides –
Discovery entails
The will to rise as joy provides
Renewal on the trails.

No need to wait for guide –
The Quest has Holy tales
Inscribed on crimson canyon sides
Where memory prevails.

The Mountains are interior –
Enticing slopes concave –
To traverse switchbacks of the soul
Where every step is brave.

(21 June 2012, Springville, Utah)

            WHIP PSALM

He cleansed the Temple twice –
They scorned Him for the first –
He – fearless – finished His grim chore –
They scourged Him for the last.

They dealt in avarice –
He fed them Bread and Fish –
Provided Manna from His store –
They flayed Him with a lash.

(15 July 2012, Springville, Utah)

Sincerity, Simplicity –
A Blessing from a King –
Tranquility, Transparency
Mean more than anything.

A Poet’s Mind a greater Find
Than Scholarly acclaim –
The “Music of Endorsement” leans
Behind the Scenes of Fame.

(21 July 2012, Springville, Utah)


Remember Jesus and His Life –
Not fears and phantom foes –
He spoke to Mary Magdalene
And others who had woes.

(24 July 2012, Springville, Utah)

            RABBONI PSALM

From clear Galilee’s shore
To Gethsemane’s door
The depth of His soul knows no bounds.
From youth’s Nazareth home
To the Heavenly throne
The breadth of His wisdom resounds.

(July 2012 Springville, Utah)
            INWARD PSALM

Son of David – Beloved Son –
Only Begotten Holy One –
Prince of Peace – Principalities –
Everlasting Eternities –

How shall I remember this Lord?
Internalize His saving Word?
Acquire such divinity
And seek His face in All I see?

Envision Jesus and His Life –
Not fears and foes, not phantom strife –
He spoke to Mary Magdalene –
He lifted woes to make us clean.

These letters on this paper page –
Obscure remarks cannot presage –
The power of His blessed gaze –
The beauty of His smiling face.

(31 July 2012, Springville, Utah)

            SKRIM PSALM

As if a rainbow had melted –
Reflecting reverse rays –
Southeastern mountainous moonrise –
Invisible displays –

Antipertuscular evening
Aligns each fleet of cloud –
As if a secret silent code
Translated light aloud.

(1 August 2012, Springville, Utah)

            VEIL PSALM

Surrounded by Angels and Ancestors –
A Life begins to Relinquish its wills –
Astounded by how its Predecessors
Recover the Light notwithstanding ills.

(12 August 2012, Springville, Utah)

            MOTE PSALM

Not log nor speck within the eye
But rather load on back –
The burden being cumbersome
Explains our neighbor’s lack.

A seemingly self-righteous stance
May mask a crucible –
Supposéd hypocritic glance
Might mask a crucifix.

(20 August 2012, Springville, Utah)

            HIM PSALM

They could not stop Him from loving –
No matter how they tried –
They could not keep Him from caring –
And even though He died –

(23 August 2012, Springville, Utah)

            LAUGH SONNET

The better part of virtue is a smile,
A miracle, a mirror of the soul.
The better part of valor without guile,
But whimsical, a giggle with control.

The better part of poetry is rime,
A metrical, a smidgen of restraint.
The better part of prosody is time,
But lyrical, a grin without a feint.

The better part of singing is a note,
But musical, an arching singeing line.
The better part of opera is rote,
In memory, a tinge of quaint design.

The better part of comedy is mirth,
But mystical, with spirited accord.
The better part of humor is its girth,
Quite spherical, a girdle for a gourd.

The best intents of solemn prose retire
When elements of joy meet to inspire.

(2 September 2012, Springville, Utah)


What kills us is losing each other –
As loss by loss we shrink –
The pathos of tending a brother
No matter how we sink.

What keeps us is comforting strangers –
As cell by cell we fall –
The logos of coping with dangers
Not caring if we crawl.

What heals us is finding the Master –
As step by step we learn
The ethos of foiling disaster
While watching candles burn.

(4 September 2012)

            SIGH PSALM

I am here.  I can be a child.
I can speak. Not to be reviled.
I can sleep. Vigilance can rest.
I can breathe. Being calm my best.

(17 September 2012, Springville, Utah)

            SPACE PSALM

Saturn to Mars – Mars, it’s Saturn –
You said I almost let you drown
In Aunt Leone’s sunglared pool –
Twenty-three plus twenty-three Thee.

(24 September 2012, Springville, Utah)

            ANCESTOR PSALM

Redeeming the Dead within us –
Essential life-long Quest –
Reclaiming their Inheritance –
Their Songs yet unexpressed –
Fulfilling promised Heritage –
Walking the Lands they worked –
Repairing Breeches in the walls –
Restoring their Paths they walked.

(10 October 2012, Springville, Utah)
            CALCIFER PSALM

My little lamp was sputtering –
You came, relit the flare –
A candelabra fluency –
A cruise of oil to spare.

As if the flame came through the voice –
Not from a mortal glow –
As if the light was from a Star –
Not from the earth below.

(28 October 2012, Provo, Utah)

            AMAZON SONG (for JLM)

Our Pain means that we’re still alive –
And that means we can Pray –
No matter how Knife circumscribes –
It can’t take Praise away.

Our anguish signifies a Nerve –
A Cell that still can feel –
Mastectomy can’t enervate
A Node that needs to kneel.

(11 Nov 2012, Springville, Utah)

            DeStress SERMONS

A pre-mature insistence on perfection is a vice –
You may think that it’s essential, but it’s really not nice –
It has a way of forcing points to puncture into pain –
It steals away the sustenance of any ground you gain.

(12 November 2012, Provo, Utah)

The Liberal rule is ludicrous –
Environmental coup –
Progressive ploy lugubrious –
Controlling all we do.

            WING PSALM (Ruth 2:12)

Thus marriage is a peace treaty –
A recompense of time –
A covenant of full reward –
A harvest paradigm –

Repayment for the widow’s mite –
A settlement for loss –
A vindication for the meek –
A hearty paradox –

Requital of a solemn vow –
Amends for all who fell –
Assent to new equivalence –
Amen in parallel.

(14 November 2012, Springville, Utah)


Real Prayer is not a Monologue –
Soliloquy of one –
Oration is a Dialogue
Provided through the Son.

The Thankfulness is actual –
The Pleading is sincere –
Significance is mutual
When we touch Father’s Ear.

Translation is the Spirit’s role –
The words – an Angel’s gift –
Interpretation of the Soul
When invocations lift.

(16 November 2012, Springville, Utah)

                        TITLE SONNET

Symbolic and deictic – He is the Vine –
The Truth, the Way, the Lamb, the Bread, the Wine –
The Path, the Lord, the King, the Prince, the Son –
The Light, the Judge, the Priest, the Holy One –
The Pearl, the Manna, God, the great I AM –
The Friend, the Tree, the Star, the Gift, the Lamb –
The Life, the Branch, the Seed, the Rod, the Hymn –
The Word, the Fruit, the Smile, the Calm, the Him –
Omega, Alpha, Present, Future, Past –
The Song, the Dance, the Shepherd, First and Last –
The Husband, Maker, Temple, Cornerstone –
The Sign, the Rock, Creator, Man Alone –
The Sip, the Drink, the Fount, the Mount, the End –
The Head, the Cup, the Supper, Love, Amen.

(18 November, Springville, Utah)

The “Lamb” means one who’s lifted up –
The “thyme” is incense prayer –
And “Worthiness” means bringing forth –
A “King” means base of power.

This lesson is an endless song
For words are infinite –
Seek out the meanings in each verse –
The odes are definite.

(19 November 2012, Springville, Utah)
            COMPOSED PSALM          

So Writing is a way to think –
To draw a way to see
Dimensions of the layered world
Through relativity –

And Music is a way to feel –
To sing a way to be –
A record of the heart’s return
To love’s reality.

(20 November 2012, Springville, Utah)

            MEETING PSALM

Is His hair white? Has He a beard?
Would He wear robes if He appeared?
Are His eyes brown, or are they blue?
Or green, or grey, some other hue?

Will He sit down, or will He stand?
Sail on the sea, or walk on land?
Will He talk first, or have me speak?
Will He use English? Hebrew? Greek?

Will He embrace me? Shake my palm?
Will He be active? busy? calm?
Will rainbows arch above His head?
Will He eat honeycomb, or bread?

Will He be friendly? Is He strong?
Will I be welcome in His throng?
Are His feet beautiful but scarred?
Is His face sanctified but marred?

Will I approach, or will I shrink?
Will He know everything I think?
Will He look mortal? Glorious?
Look humble, or victorious?

Will I feel hope, or will I fear?
Be confident when He draws near?
Will I be free to meet His eye?
Will I feel glad, or will I cry?

(27 November 2012, Springville, Utah)

            MILKY WAY PSALM

The stars align – the orbs recline –
The planets hold their course –
The solar system spins its wheels
In paradox reverse.

Our ignorance and arrogance
Progress with noisy stealth –
The distance, diffidence, disdain
Deprive the soul of health.

The suns decline – the moons resign –
The orbits hide their spin –
The universes turn as one
In paradigm within.

Our finitude and multitude
Proceed with awkward speed –
The darkness, dissonance, despair
Deny the hearts we need.

(December 2012)